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The Teumessian Fox was a large fox that had been sent by the Olympians to prey upon the children of Thebes. Men went out to hunt the beast but it had been foretold that this monster was destined never to be caught. Desperate to save his people King Kreon called upon Amphitryon to find a solution to the problem. Amphitryon discovered the perfect idea use Laelaps a magical dog that was able to catch any prey it hunted. In one way the plan succeeded because the fox was no longer able to go after the children of Thebes lest it be caught by Laelaps who never relented. Since the two monsters were direct contradictions to one another eventually Zeus finally stepped in. He turned both animals to stone and placed them in the sky as constellations.

The Trials of Apollo

The Dark Prophecy

In The Dark Prophecy, the Hunters of Artemis take part in not only helping Apollo, Meg and Peaches escape Commodus' Palace but also help defend The Waystation. It is likely that they were told of Apollo's problems by Britomartis because apparently Zeus had forbidden Artemis from sending them to help Apollo. Thalia Grace mentions that they were in the area because they were hunting down an animal it is not until after the Battle of the Waystation that Thalia reveals that they are hunting the Teumessian Fox.