A real world page from The Book of the Dead

Most people call it The Book of the Dead. Rich Egyptians were always buried with a copy, so they could have directions through the Duat to the Land of the Dead. It's like an Idiot's Guide to the Afterlife.

Carter Kane to Sadie Kane, in The Red Pyramid

The Book of the Dead, also known as Spells of Coming Forth by Day, is a map that provides directions through the Duat to the Land of the Dead.

The Kane Chronicles

The Red Pyramid

Requiring the Feather of Truth from Anubis to defeat Set, Thoth summons the Egyptian Queen to sail Carter and Sadie to the Land of the Dead. They find Bast already on the boat with its captain, the demon Bloodstained Blade. Using The Book of the Dead, Bloodstained Blade navigates the Egyptian Queen through the First Cataract and into the Land of the Dead. Sailing down the River of Night, the crew of the Egyptian Queen encounter the god Shezmu, who demands they reveal his secret name to him. While Sadie distracts Shezmu, Carter tries reading the god's secret names from The Book of the Dead, but Sadie says them after tricking Shezmu into telling her.

The Throne of Fire

Breaking into Brooklyn Museum to steal the Book of Ra with Sadie, Jaz, and Walt Stone, Carter sees a page from The Book of the Dead illustrating demons they have encountered before.


  • In The Throne of Fire, it is simply stylicized as "the Book of the Dead", without italics.
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