The First Nome is the first ever Nome to be created by the House of Life and is located under Cairo, Egypt. The First Nome appears in all of The Kane Chronicles series. The portal is located under an airport in Cairo.


First Nome market GN

Open market in the graphic novel

The First Nome has a tunnel that leads to a vast underground city of halls and chambers. The ceilings soared to twenty or thirty feet. Each chamber was lined with massive stone columns painted to resemble palm trees with carved green fronds at the top. Fires burn in copper braziers. It is usually described as an underground "open-air market" that is very busy with magicians. The stalls sell wands, Shabti statues, parrots, cobras, papyrus scrolls, and hundreds of different glittering Amulets.

There is also a path of stones over a dark river teeming with Tiger fish from the Nile River. An ornate building carved out of black rock and seated pharaohs are chiseled into the walls and the doorway was shaped like a coiled serpent. Inside, there are rows of children sitting cross-legged on cushions sitting in front of brass Scrying bowls. The chamber is only lit by a few candles and can hold a maximum of thirty-six initiates.

In The Red Pyramid, a fountain with a five-meter-tall statue of Thoth is mentioned, where the water is purified by contact with Thoth. The Hall of Ages is also located in the First Nome where it encompasses all of their history. It is also where Zia's shrine is located.

First Nome dormitory GN

Girls' dormitory in the graphic novel

The boys and girls have separate dormitories. The girl's dormitory was described to not be as posh as Amos's mansion. The stone walls sweated moisture and creepy pictures of Egyptian monsters dance across the ceiling in the torchlight. They sleep on floating cots with an ivory headrest.