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The Library of Deadly Weapons is the second volume of the interactive Demigods of Olympus series by Rick Riordan, only available via the app of the same name. Readers take on the role of the main protagonist who has discovered he/she is a demigod.


The protagonist is informed that he/she is a demigod. The book involves role playing and the reader is able to make their own choices in the book.


Sam and the demigod attempt to escape from the second Leonte, Ms. Roche's brother. Sam leads the demigod to the woods and the two try to find a way to safety. Sam proceeds to tell the new demigod recruit that he/she is a demigod, the gods of Olympus are real. Also, the strange events in the child's life are caused by being half mortal, and lastly that he or she is adopted by one or more of their mortal parents.

Making it to the woods, Sam tells the child that there are safe places for demigods but none are close. He then tells that the old abandoned library will provide temporary sanctuary. He provides the child with three choices on how to reach the library; The woods, the bridge or the road. The player's choice twists the story into one of three outcomes.

Regardless of choice, the demigod and Sam reach the library. Because the library is sealed up, they must look for a way to enter. The way in depends on what phobia the player selected in the first story. The player must battle through their own phobia to enter the library.

Once inside, Sam shows the demigod the statue of Mnemosyne, the Titaness of memory and language. Sam explains that the libraries are her sacred places,  and that her presence should keep the Leonte away. Sam then unlocks a secret locker and retrieves two packs and a celestial bronze sword with a blue gem in the pommel.

Unfortunately, the Leonte breaks in through a window and challenges the demigod. Again, the player faces a choice; Sword or Outwit. Sam or the demigod defeat the Leonte and Mnemosyne announces her presence and appears. She thanks the demigod for cleansing the library of the monster and offers a gift; Library card, glasses or piece of cloth. The player chooses and Mnemosyne leaves, but not before offering advice. She tells Sam to take the demigod to Austin to answer the impending question of who is the godly parent? Sam and the demigod leave for Austin and the second part of story one ends.