1200px-Erythrai amphitheatre

The ruins of Erythrae where the Oracle of Erythrae was


The Sybil of Erythaea from The Oracle of Erythaea

The Oracle of Erythaea is one of the four oracles which are associated with Apollo. The Oracle was known for giving prophecies out in the forms of acrostics (word puzzles).

The Dark Prophecy

Apollo mentions the Sybil of Erythaea liked to give acrostics(world puzzles) for her prophecies.  Based on the lines of the prophecy from the Oracle of Trophonius, Apollo was able to determine that the Oracle of Erythaea and the Erythraean Sybil would be in the Southwest because that is where the third emperor would be. The Erytraean Sybil was referred to as the crossword speaker.