The Ultimate Percy Jackson & the Olympians Party Kit is a book written by Rick Riordan alongside the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and published by Hyperion Books. The book includes details on how to hold a successful Percy Jackson-themed party.

Calling All Demigods!

In the front of the book, an introduction is given:

Greetings Demigods!
On February 12th, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief arrives in theaters nationwide, bringing the adventures of Percy and his friends to the silver screen! In celebration, Disney • Hyperion has prepared this Ultimate Percy Jackson & the Olympians Party Kit to help you throw an exciting event based on the entire Percy Jackson series, in advance of the film’s release. Inside are discussion topics, party ideas, and reproducible activity sheets, to help make the most of your Percy party!
Thanks for supporting Percy Jackson & the Olympians. Enjoy the movie!
See you at Camp Half-Blood,
Rick Riordan


The first page includes guides for costumes and attire to the party. Following, it gives recommendation for how to decorate the party area. Also, some ideas for good food and drink are given.

On the next page, the book gives many ideas on types of party entertainment, and how to particularly theme it.
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