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Thomas Jefferson Jr. is a Norse demigod son of Tyr and a runaway slave. A veteran of the American Civil War, Jefferson became one of Odin's einherjar. He was killed during the assault on Fort Wagner, South Carolina.


Early Life and Death

Thomas Jefferson Jr. was born to Tyr, the Norse God of Justice and his mother, a runaway slave. While he was ten years old, he pointed a stick to a white man playfully. His mother would later on scold him for this as she said the man would've shot him with a real gun. She then shook him telling him that she couldn't bear to lose another child.

In his teenage years, TJ saw a poster asking for men to join the military. Since his father was Tyr, he saw this as a personal challenge he couldn't refuse and later on joined the army.

While in the army, his friend, William H. Butler complained over the hardships of their people, but TJ didn't mind and was proud of being a part of the army and the fact that the Union had given him an actual gun.

During the assault on Fort Wagner, while enemy fire withering, a Confederate soldier, Jeffrey Toussaint and called TJ out to fight man-to-man. TJ, being the son of Tyr couldn't turn down the challenge and so accepted. TJ then shot Toussaint once in the chest and came closer to stab him with his bayonet. By then, TJ was shot about 30 times and died. He then ended up in Valhalla.

But TJ wasn't the only one, his enemy Jeffrey Toussaint also had ended up in Valhalla. The two spent about 50 years killing each other every day. TJ was afraid that the two would end up like Hunding and Helgi- immortal enemies. But eventually TJ gave up and he never saw Toussaint again.

In Series

It was revealed in The Ship of the Dead, that TJ and Halfborn Gunderson once hated each other at some point. But Mallory managed to make them befriend each other.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

T.J. invited Magnus Chase to breakfast with the rest of the residence of their hall. He explains how the nine worlds work and that a person can leave the hotel anytime with or without permission, but discourages it because the results could be dire. The horn then sounds for training and the hall mates head out. During the battle practice, he tries to take a hill but is killed. He and the others cover Magnus' escape to Midgard.

He, Halfborn Gunderson, Mallory Keen and X are enlisted by Gunilla to take Magnus back to the hotel. They try to apprehend him in Midgard but are stopped by Hearth. They and two other Valkyries approach them on Lyngvi and he and his hall mate disobey Gunilla to arrest the four. Surt and his minions arrive and the einherjar fights them until Magnus sends them back to Muspellheim. When the island is vanishing he pulls out a Frey Boat and they sail away. When they arrive back at Valhalla, they are brought before the Thane. As they are being sentenced, X says Odin wishes to intervene. T.J. tells him not to talk but the half-troll reveals himself to be the all-father. He then clears them all of their charges. He attends the funeral for the fallen Valkyries the next day.

The Hammer of Thor

T.J. is first seen with Halfborn and Mallory trying to catch their new hallmate. After meeting up with Magnus, the four explore their new hallmate's room and are shocked to find the symbol of Loki. After lunch, he tells Magnus its time for battle training.

They are introduced to their new hallmate and are shocked to find that he is actually a she. They charge into battle until. Magnus starts to smoke and Alex decapitates him. At dinner he and the others talk about Magnus's dream. After dinner, T.J., Halfborn, and Mallory escort Alex back to floor nineteen.

T.J. along with Mallory and Halfborn appeared to Magnus and his friends' aid when they charged into battle with T.J. bayonetting giants while the others fight other enemies. T.J. left the battle without a scratch.


T.J. has dark skin, short curly hair, a lanky build, and is always described to be wearing his blue woolen coat from the American Civil War, with brass buttons and chevrons, and it is revealed that he was a infantryman. In The Ship of the Dead, he fought with a jotun and its heart exploded as he killed it. Because of this, T.J. now has a piece of flint shrapnel permanently stuck above his right eye. The shrapnel does not ale him unless someone attempts to pull it out. Halfborn Gunderson usees this flint to light matches.


T.J. was the first of Floor 19 to greet Magnus properly upon his arrival, quickly earning Magnus' approval. He is overtly friendly and quick to put his trust in people. T.J. is quite talkative, Mallory claiming he "will take forever answering a yes/no question." He shows a resistance to breaking the rules, (possibly stemming from his father being the Norse god of law,) but ultimately his loyalty outweighs it. He is also shown to be brave and a natural leader, taking the head of Floor 19's charge in battle training. also very optimistic and has to accept any personal challenge with saying "I ACCEPT".

Magical Items

  • Thomas Jefferson Jr's Bayonet - T.J. was given a bone steel bayonet by his father. He attaches it to the end of his rifle, which he ends up using more than actually firing the weapon.
  • Frey Boat- T.J. possesses a Frey Boat, a small piece of cloth that can turn into a Viking longship. He used it to get himself and others away from Lyngvi before it vanished.


  • T.J. fought in the civil war, unknowingly along side two other factions of Demigods.
  • He is said by Mallory Keen to be less annoying than Magnus Chase.
  • He likes occupying hills in battle, possible in relation to having fought in the Civil War and 'taking the high ground' in order to fire down on the enemy.
  • One of Thomas Jefferson's thirteen children was named Thomas Jefferson, Jr.
Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
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