• The Aru Shah books and other imprints are not canon. Rick Riordan himself says so on his website:

    So why is it on the demigod section? 

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    • Oh hey Fbiuzz. 

      I'll admit I am not sure why the decision was in place, heck I told you that on Spacebattles when you asked, but they are. 

      If I'd have to guess, it was the same reason the PJO, Kane, and Magnus wikis were fused together. Consolodating all 'Riordan Myth' stuff in one place. 

      Plus as I say often, the odds of them staying separate are low in my opinion. 

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    • How would you feel if I made a separate page just for Hindu demigods and gods to be listed since they are not part of the Riordanverse canon?

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    • That is just asking for them to Constantine themselves into Arro--Riordanverse. 

      I'd keep it as it is. Plenty of wikis cover non-interacting timelines without having to go on about canons. If, say, the Gundam Wiki had to declare everything not canon to each timeline they aren't a part of, they'd be a mess. 

      Or if Bulbapedia had to make markers on the Ash Ketchum page saying he isn't canon to the Main series Games, the Adventures Manga, the Pocket Monsters Manga, the Mystery Dungeon games...

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    • I think we should do a notice or separate page for it. I think some people will actually think they are in the same universe since Rick Riordan's name is somewhere on it and a lot of our readers are pretty young.

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    • ...There are better ways and more imput than a single complaint is needed.

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    • I've had multiple people ask me about it in Discord. Not just here, lol.

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    • And I care for the the whims of a John de Lancie character?

      ...Kidding, but let me at least try and edit on the main Demigod page before we split pages up willy nilly. After all, let us not forget that Rick mentioned Indra in the second Trials book.

      A simpler solution is the following edit on the demigod page. 

      "The Demigods of the Rick Riordan Presents series the Pandava Quartet, which is non-canonical with the Rick Riordan penned books. While Indra was mentioned by Apollo, it is unknown if the following applies to them outside of the Pandava Quartet.

      They are not the same as other demigods. Certain ones of them have a god/goddess as a father/mother and mortal as the other parent. But the Pandavas specifically are reincarnated version of the Pandava brothers. They don´t have a god as their literal parent, but the god has helped create their soul. These are only Pandavas however, and other demigods in Hinduism are the regular kind.

      They also don't have dyslexia or ADHD like the Greek/Roman demigods. It is unknown how non-Pandavas are claimed, but Pandavas are claimed by arrows shot at them and eventually the parental god will stop it in whatever means the specific god does. An example is how Aru Shah was saved by Indra´s lightning net.

      This does not apply to other Hindu demigods, or the original Pandava brothers, as they were actual children of the gods."

      There. We don't add junk pages, we cover the canonical issues even if Rick does change his mind, and people will be reminded that there are multiple canons at play. 

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    • I don't think name dropping a character *once* puts them automatically in the canon world considering there is multiple evidence that the character definitely isn't in the Riordanverse canon. You can have someone mentioned without the characters being in the same universe. I think that's not very good "evidence".

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    • Apollo mentioned he went on a journey to find a type of curry (vindaloo or something) with Indra. That is fairly good evidence that Indra is in fact running around the PJO verse. 

      He specifically mentioned Indra and referenced a past adventure. 

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    • [In case you guys are unaware], there is a probability of the books existing in the same universe, though I think it might vary from author to author.

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    • Didn't Riordan mention that Rick Riordan Presents is not canon?

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    • VishwaUser wrote:
      Didn't Riordan mention that Rick Riordan Presents is not canon?

      He said that they were not extensions of Percy Jackson's world, which can mean anything, like no Percy in it. He remained silent on the canon thing. Or he may changehis mind, like he did with the Kane Chronicles. At that time, everyone thought the two were different.

      Its still a lot of may and might now, and no stone cut confirmation to say 100% it's canon and 100% it's not.

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    • For some reason I can't find any of these other wikis. How do you get to them?

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    • Ryan18759 wrote:
      For some reason I can't find any of these other wikis. How do you get to them?

      If you mean the Kane and Magnus wikis....they have been absorbed. This website is basically Relinquished. 

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    • While maybe not canon in Rick Riordan’a universe this was however created by another author this book was merely edited by Rick Riordan. So they are canon in their world and Perseus and the Greeks, Romans, Norse, and Egyptians are in theirs.

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    • ^By canon, I'm pretty sure OP meant "canon in the Riordan universe".

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    • A FANDOM user
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