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Topeka 32 is located in Topeka, Kansas, at milemarker 32.

The Heroes of Olympus

The Mark of Athena


Bacchus was waiting for Ceres here.

Piper McLean has a vision of Bacchus, the wine god, holding out a silver goblet. She alerts the others that they need to land the Argo II near Topeka at mile maker 32. Piper, Jason Grace, and Percy Jackson go to the mile marker and run into Bacchus who is waiting for Ceres for a meeting about how Gaea is making all the plants die. Piper tells Bacchus that he needs to help them defeat the twin giants. Bacchus tells her that having him help them would take a huge sacrifice. He then notices a slight chill and leaves, realizing that danger is near. Gaea then speaks to the demigods and has two eidolons possess Jason and Percy who begin to fight. Percy nearly kills Jason but Piper saves him by charmspeaking Blackjack to knock Percy out.

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