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But it seems these men have been plotting against us for very long time. They funded Luke Castellan's war. They supplied aid to Camp Jupiter when the Romans attacked Camp Half-Blood. And despite those two wars, the Triumvirate is still out there-still plotting. What if this company is the root cause of...well, everything?

Apollo explaining about how the Triumvirate have been behind everything, to Rachel and Chiron, in The Hidden Oracle.

Triumvirate Holdings is an organization with three powerful individuals who are said to be the three worst Roman emperors. They have forced others to worship them, which helped them gain their divinity. Currently, there are two identified members, Nero, historically considered to be one of the worst emperor of all and, and Commodus, who currently resides in Indianapolis. Triumvirate Holdings profits off events such as the Second Titan War. They are said to "own so much property and have so much money they make Rachel's dad's company look like a kid's lemonade stand." 



The Princess Andromeda, a cruise ship owned by Triumvirate Holdings

The company is said to have existed in the shadows for centuries. During the Second Titan War, Triumvirate Holdings supplied Luke Castellan and his allies with the Princess Andromeda, weapons, helicopters and top human mercenaries. Then during the Second Giant War, they supplied Octavian, the former augur of Camp Jupiter, with weapons such as onagers. Their main objective in taking over the world is controlling the five Oracles which control fate.

The Trials of Apollo

The Hidden Oracle

Mortal thugs Cade & Mikey were sent to beat up Apollo who was made human as punishment, but they were driven off by Meg McCaffrey. Later, Apollo, McCaffrey and Percy Jackson were ambushed by Nosoi. They were defeated by McCaffrey's Karpos, Peaches, but were able to afflict Apollo.

Later it's revealed that Nero has kidnapped several Camp Half-Blood campers and intimidated Meg McCaffrey to get Apollo to open the doors to the Grove of Dodona so he can burn it. When Nero arrives through the Myrmeke's Lair with his Germani bodyguards, he attempts to burn the captive campers, but a group Dryad's sacrifice themselves to save them. After that, Apollo puts some wind chimes he got from Rhea on a tree in the grove to save it, yet McCaffrey sides with Nero.

Camp Half-Blood was then attacked by the Colossus Neronis. It managed to destroy the Demeter Cabin, the Dining Pavilion, and even the barrier surrounding the camp. Percy Jackson arrived with his dog, Mrs. O'Leary, to help. The automaton was eventually defeated when Apollo shot an arrow with hay-fever into its ear causing it to sneeze its head off.

The Dark Prophecy

Apollo travels to Indianapolis with Leo Valdez and Calypso in order to restore the next oracle. They are almost immediately attacked by Blemmyae but manage to escape to the Waystation. Commodus is revealed to have taken the Throne of Memory from the Oracle of Trophonius. He gets mad at his prefects Vortigern, Marcus, and Cleander for letting Meg McCaffrey get away and annoy him. So he had his new man, Lityerses son of Midas and Demeter, to kill them, take their place and stop Apollo.

The Burning Maze

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