Tyr (pronounced "TEER") is the Norse Aesir god of courage, law, and trial by combat, as well as the father of Thomas Jefferson Jr. He is famous for sacrificing his right hand to keep the Fenris Wolf bound. He was known as Tiw to the Anglo-Saxons and Tui to continental Germanic tribes.


In order to bind the Fenris Wolf, one of the gods had to swear that no harm would come to Fenrir and place their sword hand in his mouth as an act of faith. Tyr was the only god with the courage and selflessness to perform this act, placing the needs of the world before his own despite knowing the consequences of swearing a false oath. When Fenrir realized he could not break his shackles and that the gods had broken their vow, the wolf bit off Tyr's hand in retaliation.

Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The Sword of Summer

He was mentioned by T.J.; he gave the former his Bone Steel bayonet.

The Ship of the Dead

Tyr appears alongside the other gods after Magnus Chase and his friends defeat Loki. He congratulates asks shakes hands with T.J..


Tyr is missing his right hand, as it was bitten off by Fenris Wolf in retaliation for the latter's binding.


Demigod Children


Miss/Mrs. Jefferson Thomas Jefferson Jr.


  • Tuesday (originally *tiwazdag, meaning Tyr's Day) is named after him.
  • Despite being a lesser-known god in modern pop culture, Tyr is believed by many scholars to have been the original chief and "All-Father" of the general Germanic pantheon; in addition to being a sovereign god of law, war, justice, and trial by combat, his older Proto-Germanic name, Tiwaz (after which the rune of sacrifice is named), shares the same proto-Indo-European cognitive word with Greek god Zeus: Dyaus.
  • Tyr is destined to be killed during Ragnarök by Garm, the blood-stained guard dog of Hel.
  • In Norse writings, "wolf-joint" is a kenning for the wrist; a reference to Tyr losing his hand when binding the Fenris Wolf.
  • His Greco-Roman counterpart (in terms of attributes) is Athena/Minerva, Zeus/Jupiter, and Horkos.
  • His Egyptian equivalent is Horus.
  • Tacitus, a Roman historian, associated Tyr with the Roman God Mars. However, linguists believe that Tyr's actual name, Tiwaz, is etymologically related to the names Zeus or Jupiter. Hence according to linguists, Zeus/Jupiter would be the Greco-Roman equivalent of Tyr.


Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard
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