I was looking at the game that came out on DS based on the Percy Jackson film and thought it sucked. I then thought that maybe I could create a better game than that and then began Creating ideas for . . . "Percy Jackson and the Heroes of Olympus". I thought that it could start with the main character, who you can create yourself, just entering the Camp accompanied by a Satyr who tells the character (you) that he/she is a half blood and are handed over to Chiron who welcomes the character to the camp and gives them useful tips, Chiron then asks the character some questions (which later determines the characters godly parent depending on the persons characteristics) and than sets off immediatly to play Capture the Flag which you chose to side with either Blue or Red, if you chose Blue Team, you face off against 5 Ares campers when trying to get the flag by yourself with just your sword and shield, If Red, 5 Athena campers. When you defeat the last one, your godly parent claims you and you get bonus statistics along with it (Aphrodite: Charming + Shifting Loyalties (making opponents attack each other), Apollo: Brave + Advanced Regenaration (recovering during battle), Ares: Agressive + Strenghten Blows (more damage against opponents that can't be blocked), Athena: Wise + Final Takedown (faster attacks that deal more damage), Demeter: Caring + Call of Nature (summon tree warriors to fight with you), Hephapates: Strong + Forge Mastery (use of small Pyrokinetic abilities), or Hermes: Mischievous + Crafty Theft (diarming opponents and taking thier weapons, as well as recieving drachme after every kill).). You are then able to particiipate in events round camp and try to beat records in events like archery or chariot racing to gain drachme. Also availible are main storylines where you read the diaries of Percy Jackson in Poseidons Cabin (which allows you to play as Percy through The Lightning Theif to The Last Olympian including the stories of The Demigod File) and Jason Grace (as Jason through The Lost Hero to the 5th Heroes of Olympus book), but you have to complete Percy's in order to unlock Jason's. With drachme, you can buy new weapons and armour, or gamble in the arena. You can be issued quests now and then to gain more experience and reciev more drachme as a reward, you can choose campers to help you with quests from a selction of twenty which shows their statisics and best use of weapons (you can only have 2 campers accompany you per quest, 3 if you become head of your cabin). after completing 10 quests sucessfully, you can challenge your cabins third-in-command to a duel for his/her title and eventually gain second-in-commad (20 quests) and head of cabin (50 quests). After gaining head of your cabin, you can organise deals with other cabins to side with you in capture the flag (which were random when you aren't), but Athena and Ares campers are never allowed on the same team, due to both being war god cabins. What do you guys think and do you think you can inprove it in any way? AdamantiumBladez.