Hey guys! I'm really knew to this sort of website, so yeah...

I have read the PJO series so many times I've lost count and it's the same with HoO, since I bought MoA I have already read it like 30 times! There's just one thing I can't figure out... How is the Athena Parthenos supposed to help defeat Gaea? It's a flipping statue! Sure it radiates a lot of power but what does it all mean?!

Please Remember no personal attacks for someone's opinion, no crazy theories that make no sense, no spamming and no being off-topic.

I read all those rules off other blogs, if you see something you wrote there please don't feel like I'm ripping you off, I just whole heatedly agree with those terms, so just to make anyone feel better...

Disclaimer: I read all those rules off other blogs; I did not come up with them myself!

Now, let the crazy theories begin (Not too crazy though)