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    More Percy Jackson

    March 31, 2011 by Artemisgirl

    Although nothing would ever come close to Percy Jackson, if you're into Greek/Roman mythology and stories based on that, the books by John C. Wright are very good. They are a bit more adult than the Percy Jackson books, and you would have to have a good gist of most of the myths to understand certain parts, but I found (one of) them really good. I'm now on my way to reading the rest of the series! They not only have the Olympians, but they also have the Titans and the Phaeciaans (from the Odyssey). I would strongly recommend them if you're interested in reading more Percy Jackson while we all wait for The Son of Neptune!!!


    I finished the series a couple of days ago: AMAZING. It turns out Zeus is dead, and the rest of the gods took child…

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  • Artemisgirl

    At this site: you can find out what Rick confirmed for the new series at the Met. Lecture.

    For those of you who don't want to go there, or are just too lazy, I'll list them here.

    • The new series will revolve around the prophecy made by Rachel in The Last Olympian.
    • We will see Annabeth’s architecture of Olympus in it.
    • Percy will play a very important role in the next series but he won’t be the central character.
    • Characters of the Percy Jackson series will appear in the next book, and Percy and Annabeth will be very Active in this new series.
    • We’ll be introduced to a new set of characters.
    • We will meet new monsters and gods in the series.
    • Rick will include the new myths he heard about in his next series.
    • The story li…
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