(You can basically skip down to the conclusion for the basic summary of it if you don't have time/don't want to read this "how-to" guide)
A prolific amount of wikis have an area where users and administrators can collaborate on suggestions to better the wiki or where users can put down a note to inform (an) administrator(s) about certain rules being violated by certain people. As a result, the administrator's noticeboard can often become one of the most looked at pages by administrators and users alike thus becoming an important communication method for the entire wiki.

Minor Cases

Although it may seem unnecessarily tedious to announce to the wiki of a minor report involving cases such as, but not limited to, an unapproved blog or someone that has over ten percent of their editcount in the blog mainspace, these minor cases really help build the popularity of the noticeboard as well as aid in building the habit to go towards the noticeboard rather than to an administrator's talk page. Thus, don't be afraid to go post something!

Also, while it is specifically for administrators, if a minor case involves a small issue needing to be rollbacked or issuing a warning, please do not hesitate to help out the administrator's in dealing with it!

Major Cases

To start, major cases do not necessarily have to be immensely difficult tasks that must be done by a team of administrators or the like. Rather, major cases are reports that do not have an automatic reaction or require more discussion on the terms of what is to be done. Each administrator could potentially have a different stance on a certain case and it is perfectly okay to discuss a compromise or another option for major cases. This is also not limited to administrators for discussing punishments. While ultimately, major cases will often be a duty an administrator must carry out, it does not mean that regular users or other staff members cannot have a say, in fact, it is encouraged for other users to participate.


As a result of forums being used very rarely and there being really no place to discuss certain aspects of the wiki, the administrator's noticeboard was also designed as a location to discuss topics users may want to change or figure out why something is as it is. Since users will be directed to go to the noticeboard for reports, users can also visually see discussions they may want to participate in.

Discussions can range immensely from something extremely long and drawn out, to something short that can easily be answered by a regular user. Either way, it is highly encouraged to go to the noticeboard in order to bring up a topic. Please note that this noticeboard is not a place for pure fanon and it is a tool to help improve the wiki, not about the book series or suggestions for the author.

Also, please note that everything concerning the topics on the administrator's noticeboard is open to every user, but it must be used correctly. It's somewhat of a misnomer to have it titled as the "Administrator's Noticeboard", but it's still a place to organize the wiki, at least partially.

Conclusion (I.e. fine print/summary)

The administrator's noticeboard can and should be used by most, if not, all "regular" members and even then some. It is a great way to discuss and report certain items and topics concerning the wiki. However, it also should be used with care. Thus, please make sure to check around the wiki for the answer to a "simple" question, and if you cannot find it, please reroute yourself then to the noticeboard. The noticeboard is open to all users. Please use the noticeboard in lieu of discussing something pertaining to the entire wiki on their talk page. Please do not go to individual administrator talk pages to report something. Please only use the notice board to help improve the wiki/report something, no fanon please.

Therefore, entire wiki, we have an administrator's noticeboard that is open to all for use, woo~!

Thanks, Atelda 00:55, May 23, 2013 (UTC)