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    October 7, 2011 by Awobbie

    Odds are, Tantalus will be set free by Gaia. So will Circe after blackbeard killed her. Maybe Hitler. Maybe even that Herpo the Foul dude.

    We've alredy seen Midas, Lityerses, Medea, and Lycaon.

    Post ideas of other historical villians that might be freed.

    • Midas - Already Seen
    • Lityerses - Already Seen
    • Medea - Already Seen
    • Lycaon - Already Seen
    • Circe - Possible - Dark Witch
    • Tantalus - Possible - Cannibal
    • Herpo the Foul - Barely Likely - A Dark Wizard that made a soul bind and owns a Basilisk
    • Adolf Hitler - Unlikely - You better know who he is
    • Periphetes - Barely Likely - A Son of Hephaestus that murders with a club
    • Scion - Barely Likely - A Killer that fed men to a Giant Turtle
    • Nessus - Likely - A Centaur that killed Heracles
    • Sinis - Likely - A Man that ki…

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