• Blackjack22


    January 31, 2012 by Blackjack22

    I was at the beach for the last three weeks so I wasn`t part of the discussions about Plan C and how things should be in the future. I am not a admin, rollback or anything like that. I`m just a new user, but I think it worth trying to be a encyclopedia, a blog site and a social network.

    First the encyclopedia, since its importance is obvious I won`t spend lines defending it. It`s just mandatory. We`re a wiki about PJ, we need it, no discussions about it.

    Second, the blogs. We`re a site of discussion too. After each book, a lot of new users come (including me) attracted by the idea of commenting on blogs about Percy Jackson. In the first place they don`t come to edit articles they come to read and mainly discuss. Eliminating a type of blog …

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  • Blackjack22

    Typhon`s defeat

    December 6, 2011 by Blackjack22

    I believe everybody remembers when Typhon was draged down to Tartarus with the help of Poseidon`s army. The thing is that all gods were in their godly form, and I think that so was Typhon. Why then didn`t teh Cyclops became dust at sight?

    First. It`s commonly known that Typhon is the god of droughts or violent storms. He`s son of Gaea and Tartarus so it can be inferred that he was an all powerful god, with a giant form and more powers than any of the Olympians. Also there is no reason why he wouldn`t be in his godly form, since he was in his hardest batlle since he was buried under Mt. Etna.

    Second, all the gods were in their true form. Just being around would be deadly. Seeing that fight would make you become no more than a pile of sand.


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