I was at the beach for the last three weeks so I wasn`t part of the discussions about Plan C and how things should be in the future. I am not a admin, rollback or anything like that. I`m just a new user, but I think it worth trying to be a encyclopedia, a blog site and a social network.

First the encyclopedia, since its importance is obvious I won`t spend lines defending it. It`s just mandatory. We`re a wiki about PJ, we need it, no discussions about it.

Second, the blogs. We`re a site of discussion too. After each book, a lot of new users come (including me) attracted by the idea of commenting on blogs about Percy Jackson. In the first place they don`t come to edit articles they come to read and mainly discuss. Eliminating a type of blog you`ll limit ideas. For someone that has been here for over two months it can be boring to see another VS blog but for someone that has just joined it can be all he wanted.

You shouldn`t put an elite group to decide which blogs are interesting and which aren`t. Something can be interesting for people that are more present and not be interesting for people that just want to enter once a week and discuss normal or random things. If you make that every blog must be accepted before posting it you`ll disincentive writers that will think it doesn`t worth the effort to write, revise, send and wait for approval before posting. The people that will post are the users that already do so in a regular basis and that participate frequently.

Also there is one obvious problem: some users taking things personally. If they write two blogs and both are denied he could say: ``no, cause Darkcloud doesn`t like me. I always knew he would be a problem``. If this stuff happens once or twice no problem but things can go out of proportion.

Third, the social network. Maybe that wasn`t the reason we were brought here but when someone enters everyday he enters to edit, discuss and talk. Maybe I came here to discuss but I enjoy meeting amazing Germans that play the Cello, students of engineering with whom I can discuss if Hades could beat Typhon, people that teach me a name of a flower in Japanese, seeing someone kickban 3 people in half an hour, discussing soccer with someone that played it with his friends in France and so on. OK we`re not a social network like Facebook or MSN but we`re a place where people with a common interest reunite to discuss and you can`t say we don`t make friends. If someone wanna write a blog to present himself, let him do it. He just wanna feel like they are important to something and have a good time with people that like PJ too.

I`m not saying things should stay the same although you shouldn`t limit the number and type of blogs. I know you all might be pretty busy with everything but at least think about it.

Blackjack22 (talkcontribs) 20:59, January 31, 2012 (UTC)Blackjack22