As everyone on this site should know Mark of Athena is one of or possibly even the greatest work Riordan has done yet. To say the least it is without a doubt the best of The Heroes of Olympus Series and brings the series back to made it roots a masterpiece.
Well to say the least the ending of Mark of Athena also is the the worst cliffhanger of the series(at least I think that). The ending left me horrified and knowing some of the prophecies about the future didn’t relieve it. This is my discussion of what we know and don’t know so sit back and enjoy the read.
Of course we all know the “Prophecy of Seven” and this is our main topic.
Seven Halfbloods shall answer the Call
To Storm or Fire the World must fall
An Oath to Keep with Final Breath
And Foes Bear Arms to the Doors of Death

Of course the 1st line talks of Percy, Annabeth, Hazel, Frank, Jason, Piper, and Leo. The rest is up for debate.
As we all know Mark Of Athena sets up a War between Greeks and Romans and that the Aphrodite Statue has been found and that this could be used to negotiate a peace between the 2 camps. Well unfortunately I doubt this will last due to the last line “And Foes bear Arms to the Doors of Death”. If things go as I think they will for the next book it will be a good read but also be mainly be about a great war between the 2 camps and will set up both sides marching under banner of truce to The Doors of Death.
There are 2 other prophecies that need to be kept into account, these 2 have been weighing heavily on my mind: the first is from Mars in Son of Neptune, the 2nd I can’t quote cause it hasn’t been revealed and only one character knows it.
To address the 1st one I will first quote Mars as he talks to his son Frank, “Maybe. Maybe so. But every hero has a fatal flaw. Percy Jackson? He’s too loyal to his friends. He can’t give them up not for anything. He was told that, years ago. And someday soon, he’s going to face a sacrifice he can’t make. Without you, Frank -without your sense of duty-he’s going to fail. The whole war will go sideways, and Gaea will destroy our world.”
This loyalty comment disturbed Frank and darn well disturbed me. This means a character will die and also goes along with the 3rd line in the prophecy “An Oath to Keep with Final Breath” , and Percy will be upset by this death. My first reaction was that it was Annabeth but lets discuss all the sane options.
Jason is more viable than you might think, with the line To Storm or Fire the World Must Fall that means that it could be Jason who keeps a oath with final breath. While the argument is there that he is going to fight and defeat Gaea and fall with her, I honestly doubt this option will come to pass. Due to several better options.
A 2nd option is Piper, arguments for her are as slim as can be, the only reason she is even possible is because of Jason. Any way you slice it though I have a feeling she will be involved in the line “Oath to Keep with Final Breath”.
Leo is a 3rd option and viability for him is pretty high. He is mentioned to always be the “7th wheel”, if any halfblood is to die from the 7 his is the only relationship that won’t break up a couple. Juno also spent most of her time grooming him for a “big job”.
Hazel is a 4th and is the most interesting. Since she is already technically dead she could just go back into that realm to do what is necessary. This in my opinion is the least likely cause there isn’t really anything putting her into the line “Oath to Keep with Final Breath”.
Frank is my 5th option and the most viable. His special ability set and his life going to be short but bright. Considering he is the most powerful halfblood on the team and the one feared the most it is highly likely he is the one talked about in “To Storm or Fire the World Must Fall”. If he burned his piece of wood he could make a oath and keep it. This also fits with what Mars said and why it is him who tells Percy to do his duty cause he is the only one affected. As of right now I hold he is the most viable of the 7.
Percy is not a option and so lets just jump to Annabeth. There are many things that just make me thing that she could be the one. First off in Mark of Athena Aphrodite says Annabeth is destined for a tragic love life and that hers will be “interesting”, she has also said this to Percy in Titan’s Curse. And with the way Percy was thinking in Mark of Athena this only strengthens it.
I would say Annabeth is currently my thought for the one to die, but I somehow don’t think it is her, my 1st reaction was her but the more I think about it the more I say it isn’t her. With Percy being willing(and doing) to fall into Tartarus to be with her makes me think he would never allow her to sacrifice herself.
The Last person right now I can think of who could be the person to die is Reyna, my reason is quite simple but really really logical. Reyna had a separate prophecy given to her by Aphrodite. What Aphrodite said we don’t know but we know it is important. Reyna let Annabeth go knowing something, whatever she knows it will be of great effect and a possible idea is that she is the one to die.

So that is my thoughts, what thoughts do you have?