On the character pages, there are some things that should really be removed or changed, but I think my edit would be undone if I did it, so I'm going to suggest them here.

You know how on like, every single character page their name is in Ancient Greek? We really need to stop doing that. Why? Because I honestly don't think anyone cares what Rachel Elizabeth Dare's name is in Greek. I can understand some of the Greek demigods who have Greek names, like Percy, but Roman Demigods? They are Roman. There is no reason their name should be written in Greek. Monsters, Gods, and other characters with Greek names are fine, but for sure not mortals and Roman demigods.

Next thing, the spoiler template. This one isn't very bad, just a total nusiance. I mean you click on Jason's page and it asks you would you like to view because of spoilers. Is there any way you guys can just put the spoiler template on the section marked "Mark of Athena", and then make it so it's click to show/hide? Because it's becoming very annoying to have to click yes on all those character pages. I mean if you really wanted to use that template on something, maybe, just maybe, you should put it on the actual page for the book that has all of the spoilers including a summary of the first chapter. Not on the character pages that barely has any spoilers.

Last thing. On all the god pages, they have the little template that switches from Roman to Greek counterpart or vice versa. The only thing I suggest you change are maybe the colors and the fonts. Maybe a font that's a bit easier to read or bigger. Herculaneum would look cool. And the colors, maybe like Orange Greek, Purple Roman (though that symbolizes the demigods more than gods) or colors that match our theme better, like a dark blue/green and black.

Okay, I'm done. Sorry if I was rude or whatever. These things have just been bugging me over time. (I would've put this on the consensus, but I feel a blog is an easier way for people to see and comment.)

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