This will be a blog that examines some of the characters in the series. It will talk about a characters personality and flaws, as well as how they mature over the course of the series. Feel free to comment about what you think of a character, such as what is their greatest strengths and weaknesses or like I said, how they change over the series.

For example, I am currently re-reading the series again for a series of stories I'm doing on the fan-fic site and I noticed something during The Sea of Monsters. Toward the beginning of the book, Annabeth sees Luke as a traitor, even going so far as to say "we're going to beat him up, bind him in chains, and drag him to Mount Olympus." However, this felt out of place as she defends Luke for most of the series up until his death. So, what happened? I noticed that she didn't start defending Luke until after her meeting with the Sirens. After she had her vision of bringing everyone together, it is possible that simply seeing it have her a subconscious idea that she could bring him back, remembering who he was instead of what he had become. Just like how a demigod's scent grows stronger when they find out who they are, I think Annabeth's Pride became stronger as well when she found out that it was her fatal flaw.

What do you think? Are there points in the series where you feel that an event really changed a character for the better? For the worse?

What do you feel are the strongest traits in your favorite characters? What are their greatest flaws, not just the fatal ones?