So Wikia in celebration of The Hobbit coming out (yes, I know this isn't a Lord of the Rings wiki, but stay with me here), is doing this massive multi-wiki celebration. If the Camp Half-Blood community is interested in joining, we will get a special badge on our home page and our site will be featured on a detailed map of all the Wiki's taking part in this event.

Another part of this event is the Adventure Dream Team. What we can do is submit a team of nine characters from any aspect of media (be it the Camp Half-Blood series, comics, TV, pretty much anything) and they will partake in a type of tournament. I checked with one of the Wikia Staff and we can in fact make individual teams. Considering we know who the seven are from the Prophecy of Seven, we could submit them as a team if we so desired. We may also be able to submit gods or monsters as well which is sticking with our wiki's theme, as we are a mythology site in a way.

Details for this event can be seen here. So let me know what you all think and if everyone seems on board, I'll submit our site. For those that are interested in the Adventure Dream Team, give me your ideas and I'll submit a team as well depending on the ideas people submit.


Step 1-Simply Joining~Complete

Before people start jumping ahead of themselves and posting teams, I would like to know how many users think simply joining in on the celebration is a good idea. In order to be added to the map, Wikia is making sure the community likes the idea first. If you like the idea, please say so and I'm not just talking about the Admins. I would like to here from everyone, even if it is just a quick "I like this idea," or something.

Step 2-Adventure Dream Team~In Progress

After we are all finished and signed up for step one, then we can start talking about teams. Any user can submit their own team of nine characters, as I checked with someone running the event. The cut off date for signing up is 9/19/2012 (September 19th for those that use a different date system), so make sure you don't forget before then.

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