Ok, so there is a website called "LEGO CUUSOO" in which you submit ideas for potential LEGO sets, and after you recieve 10,000 supports, the idea gets made! While there are some Percy Jackson projects, they all are horribly made and only have a few supporters, so I decided that with the new movie coming out, that we need a good project out there. Something that has a chance. And so was this project born. 

But, this is going to be a team effort, because while I am an expert at LEGO, I need some photo editors, and advertisers who can get the job done. This is going to be the hub for the project until it is officially released, so we can make it the best that we can before everyone sees it. Also, after it is released, this will be the place for news on future updates and such.


These are just ideas and need your feedback.

1. Zeus' Fist

  • Build of Zeus Fist
  • Entrance to the Labyrinth, Daedulus' mark
  • Capture the flag, flag
  • Minifigures - ??? IDEAS?
  • Price - Around $40-60

2. The Big House

  • Build of Big House
  • Attic, meeting room, ??? IDEAS?
  • Minifigures - Chiron, Oracle of Delphi, Mr D., ??? IDEAS?
  • Price - Around $120

3. Labyrinth Game

  • Combination of Heroica (roleplay) and Minotaurus (maze)
  • Micro-figures - Grover, Tyson, Sphinx, Pan, Daedulus, Annabeth, Percy Jackson

Finished Things