• DestinySara

    ok I reread TLH for the 60th time and I got to the part where Jason is wondering whether or not Thalia looked for him before he reminded himself she thought he was dead. Thalia didnt look for him bc she thought he was dead but she did go back and look for her mom and found she had died.(since he reconized Thalia's face and knew she was his sister, knew his own last name) I'm wondering if Jason searched for his mortal family. He was darn persueing his sis when he got that picture. It drove him up the wall knowing she was out there. If I was taken away at the age of 2, I'd want to see my mom too. So whether my brain said it was dangerous or not, I'd look. The warning didnt stop him trying to find Thalia or asking her about their mom duriā€¦

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