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  • Flatgum

    happy little things

    December 29, 2011 by Flatgum

    so ive noticed alot of people hating characters

    ■drew ■piper ■racheal ■reyna ■octavian and i tougth,where are the possitive comments? so i decided to make a blog about how cool they are((i dont blame you if you exit rigth now,i dont like some of the characters either)))

    first is drew. she charms people into getting stuff and she is mean with her brothers/sisters((((talk about breaking the 8 amendment))) but she does that for a reason.she just wants to impress aphrodite(((shes asian so she has high expectations,no offense asian people:))) and i do kinda like her,she sticks to what she beleives in.

    piper also charms people,she obseses over jason even though she just meet the guy, she did nothing in the quest,and she complains about how "hard" her…

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  • Flatgum

    happyy ever after?

    December 16, 2011 by Flatgum

    i know this topic is already disscused at other blogs ( but i dont spend everyday reading all of yall's blogs) but i couldnt help wonder...

    it seems like rr is killing our demi-gods

    we all know that anabeth migth be one one of the 7 and we all know that she migth die ( if you see "the mark of athena will burn trough rome" prophecy the way i do) and i know that frank and hazel should be dead ( my opinion is that frank and hazel will end up in the underworld together)


    i also think that percy will die -- i know,i know -- rr cant kill percy,its just logical.

    but what if he can.......

    my point is -- even tough the romans and the greeks win the quest/battle...

    who would be left behind?

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