so ive noticed alot of people hating characters

■drew ■piper ■racheal ■reyna ■octavian and i tougth,where are the possitive comments? so i decided to make a blog about how cool they are((i dont blame you if you exit rigth now,i dont like some of the characters either)))

first is drew. she charms people into getting stuff and she is mean with her brothers/sisters((((talk about breaking the 8 amendment))) but she does that for a reason.she just wants to impress aphrodite(((shes asian so she has high expectations,no offense asian people:))) and i do kinda like her,she sticks to what she beleives in.

piper also charms people,she obseses over jason even though she just meet the guy, she did nothing in the quest,and she complains about how "hard" her life is. all demigods have a hard life,worse than hers!! i mean she has a house and she has a dad that loves her,what is so hard??but i guess i wouldnt last that long if i knew my dad was kidnapped by a giant and the only way ((not only way,but watever)) was to exchange him with my only friends--no thank you,i wouldve died rigth there!!! and charming people is not something she enjoys,she had said it herself----and the obsesion,is her first crush and i know that most of the girls out there obsses like her with their first crush. and she did something in the quest,she got gea all dozy,and if it werent for her-leo wouldnt be able to open the cage without running out of time.

racheal.percabeth,percabeth,percabeth...she didnt ruin percabeth!!! and she does have meaning in the story!!! i have only one thing to say,read the damn book!!(((the last olympian)))

reyna.percabeth,percabeth,percabeth...again!!! reyna did offer the possibility of percy and her but percy said no--the end.thats where the story ended.

now octavian.he tried to convince the romans to figth against the greeks,he blackmails just to become preator and i think he is a killer in many ways...idk how he can be awsome but im shure if i read MoA,i will find out.

i dedicate this blog to percy's panda pillow pet,may he rest in the underworld peacefully