I'm writing a fanfic about a war between the demigods and a new breed called the DemiTitans. Prometheus has rallied the remaining Titans; Atlas, Hyperion, and Oceanus, and has scraped together enough DemiTitans to rival both Camp Half-Bloods. He also has a few Empousi and Medusa on his side. Now, the characters in this story aren't people I made up in my head. The characters are the fanfic characters of all the users. Examples are Nolan Swift and Tsumi Tanake. They will be in it. I myself will be in it. If you wish to participate, comment and tell me your character's name, their godly parent, what weapon they use, and the role you'd like them to play. Here are a few of the characters enlisted now:

Nolan Swift: Son of Hermes. Defeat Atlas.

Jordan Tempestas: Son of Poseidon. Defeat Oceanus.

Tsumi Tanake: Son of Hades. Main hero of the Great Prophecy. Defeat Kronos's clone and save Olympus.

James McAim: Son of Apollo. Defeat Hyperion.

Kari Kamiya: Daughter of Nyx. Juliet of the Story and the one who will determine peace or more bloodshed between the two sides.