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  • HPPJ2011


    December 21, 2011 by HPPJ2011

    Ok, hey guys.

    I was wondering, in the Titans Curse, when Percy and Thalia saw Apollo, Thalia said, "Apollo's hot,"

    Percy said, "He is the sun god," ans she said, "I didnt mean it in that way."

    Oooohhhhh. And the paragraph before it said Apollo looked like LUKE! He looked so much like him Percy almost took out his sword. (But then he didnt because he saw he was smiling and Luke always scowled during those days. :D) So yeah, does that mean Thalia had a little crush on Luke? She immediately thought Apollo was hot, so did she think Luke was too.

    Now you can converse, argue, or agree. ENJOY! X]

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  • HPPJ2011


    November 7, 2011 by HPPJ2011

    Does anyone remember Bessie the Ophiotaurus?

    What happened to her? She could still be used as a sacrifice, to defeat the gods. Will he effect the prophecy? Will he follow Percy to Rome, then to Greece?

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