Ok, so, we're all probably wondering here: Where are our favorites gonna show!?

Do you know what I'm talking about? Maybe, maybe not. I'm talking about the main characters of Percy Jackson, and them showing up in our new series.

Ok, this is MAIN characters, so we're gonna ignore characters like Clarrise, the Stolls, Katie Gardner, ect.

First we'll do the ones that showed up, then the others.

Annabeth: She is out of her mind looking for Percy, and she already appeared.

Rachel: She already appeared, and she's the oracle, so, yeah.

Thalia: She was witht he Hunters, she already appeared, and SHES JASON'S SISTER! Duh!

Now, the others.

Percy: Well, obviously he didn't appear. He was at the Roman camp! Obviously he'll appear in the Son of Neptune (I'm not even explaining that one, think a little!)

Nico: Well, they said he was looking for Percy, that's it. If he doesn't appear in the next book, he definatly will appear in the third!

Grover: I think he'll appear in the third or fourth, if the second, very minor.

Tyson: Well, I gotta say, probably the fourth or fifth book, MAYBE (I don't feel like putting on italics) the third, I doubt this though.

Luke: THE THING WE ALL WONDER! Well, personally, I think it would be awesome if this "souls escaping underworld" thingy included Luke! Don't you? That would be awesome! Honestly, do we only want to see him in photos or Nico summoning him or something? Boring!

Did I forget anyone? Not sure... well, anyway, yeah, that's it.

If you want to share another character I didn't mention or a major character I forgot, comment!