I was thinking about some of the minor gods that might appear in HoO. It's interesting how RR brought into discussion some of the gods/goddesses for which new cabins were made in CHB. Like Iris for example who played a major role in SoN and also Fortuna who is Tyche's Roman counterpart. He could have chosen any god/goddess that he wanted but he went for Iris, Hypnos, Nemesis, Nike, Hebe, Tyche, and Hecate. I understand Iris because she was an important goddess already and often mentioned and I understand Nemesis and Hecate because they were mentioned for being displeased about now having their own cabins but what about the rest? Why Hypnos, Nike, Hebe and Tyche? I was thinking that just like in Iris' case they might get the spotlight and help the demigods in their quest. There are many lesser gods that are actually more important than lets say Hebe who even though is the daughter of Zeus and Hera she only has like a minor role to play in Olympus. She's the goddess of youth, not that very important yet she was given a cabin. Is there some secret reason behind this?

Anyway, I'm beating around the bush, what I want to say is that maybe RR will give the spotlight to some lesser gods in HoO. If that's the case who would you like to see or who do you think might play an important role? I personally would like it if Eros and Eris made an appearance. I found it curious that RR never threw them in the story and I hope he plans on doing so because in my eyes they're kind of important and could be used for the plot.