I've been hearing a lot of theories regarding these two girls and the amount of time they spent on Circe's island. As many of you might know already you don't age there and time pretty much stops just like in the Lotus Hotel and Casino so for how long have Reyna and Hylla been there? There's this idea that Reyna might have been part of the Roman camp during the civil war with the Greeks. Now this theory might explain how she knows about the Greek weapons but then again it's butting heads with the fact that Reyna didn't know about the Greek campers. How could she have been part of the civil war if she didn't know about Camp Half-Blood or the fact that there are Greek demigods out there? I think this idea pretty much falls from the start because of that important factor.

Another idea is that at some point she was in Camp Jupiter even if it was after the civil war. This however can't be right either because that would mean that either she or Hylla would have had the tattoos. The first thing that Reyna checked when Percy arrived was his arm and she said that if he had been in camp before he surely would have had a tattoo so that obviously means that neither Hylla nor Reyna could have been part of the legion.

Third theory and probably the one I'm most likely to believe is the fact that Reyna and Hylla's dad was a demigod as well and part of the legion. That would explain how she might have known about the weapons but at the same time not be part of the legion or have knowledge of the Greek demigods. Another thing though is how she knew about Riptide. Percy never took it out of his pocket, I can assure you because I read that part again and again before making the blog just to be sure. So if Percy never took it out of his pocket, never used it when he was on CC's island, how in the world did Reyna know about it?

I guess I love these two sisters because they're so mysterious, you can't help but wonder what is RR planning with them. Why bother give them a past that was in some way related to Percy and Annabeth? There must be something behind his reasoning to do so. Hylla said that while on Circe's island she learned a few tricks and when Annabeth was there Circe told her that she could become a sorceress so did she also teach Reyna and Hylla magic? I guess the majority of readers discuss who is the 7th demigod and who's gonna lead them to the DoD while I think that there are many other just as important mysteries that RR has yet to answer. Any thoughts guys? I'm opened for any crazy theory.