Featured Wikians

After a few weeks of it being in talks between the site's bureaucrats, administrators, and rollbacks, we have decided to start the "Featured Wikian" section, seen on numerous other wikias, on our main page. The procedure is fairly resemblant to the one of the "Featured Article": Users who have contributed a considerable amount to the wiki are nominated in the voting section. The user with the most votes is then elected to be the "Featured Wikian" of a month. For more information about the nomination criteria and the procedures, click here.

Note: User Athletiger will be the featured wikian until May, and the voting for the next month's featured wikian has already begun here.

Other news

  • The Riordan Wiki's chat policies were recently updated. Every frequent chat user should read them.
  • Most of the wiki cabins should elect new counselors since, as of now, four out of five cabins have an administrator as counselor. You can discuss the elections in each cabin's forum.