We are supposed to have at least twelve seven Giants in The Heroes of Olympus series. One to oppose every god. So far we have had/seen :

1- Polybotes, bane of Neptune, destroyed by Percy&Terminus, destroyed by Poseidon in the original myth

2- Alcyoneus, bane of Pluto, destroyed by Hazel&Arion, destroyed by Heracles in the original myth

3- Porphyrion, bane of Zeus, confronted by Jason, destroyed by Zeus & Heracles in the original myth

4- Enceladus, bane of Athena, confronted by Jason, destroyed by Athena in the orgininal myth

My question goes, who else (of the Giants) do you think we are going to see?

In the original myth, there are numerous giants that are mentioned. Here is a list of some of them:

- Agrios, clubbed to death by the Moirae

- Clytius, defeated by Hecate

- Ephialtes, defeated by Apollo & Heracles with arrows, or destroyed by Otus

- Eurytus, destroyed by Dionysus

- Gration, slain by Artemis (Thalia vs Gration, anyone?)

- Mimas, Slain by Hephaestus (Leo vs Mimas, anyone?)

- Pallas, killed by Athena (Pallas vs Annabeth, anyone?)

- Thoon, clubbed to death, like Agrios, by the Moirae