As you may already know, Riordan Wiki is taking part in Wikia's "Time to Play" initiative for the holiday season. To put it short, the users of the wiki will choose the page they’re most proud to have represent Riordan Wiki. Below is a poll in which you can vote for your favorite page. You can join the discussion on "Time to Play" here.

Ambox notice Update:Voting has ended. Thanks to everyone who participated! You can view the results below.

Poll Results

Total votes: 20

What page do you want to represent Camp Haf-Blood Wiki?

  • Annabeth Chase 25% (5 votes)
  • Nico di Angelo 5% (1 vote)
  • Camp Half-Blood 45% (9 votes)
  • Percy Jackson 25% (5 votes)
  • Camp Jupiter 0% (0 votes)