This blog will be about the first chapter of The Mark of Athena. I will describe the role of Annabeth and what to expect from the book itself. Keep in mind that these are just my ideas and there is no guarantee they are correct. Also, this blog contains a few spoilers about the chapter, if you have not already read it, you might want to go back. That being said, let us begin with a few noticeable quotes and then gradually start talking about Annabeth.

The chapter starts with the following: "Until she met the exploding statue, Annabeth thought she was prepared for anything."

Now contrarily to popular belief, this is not a reference to Terminus, the Roman god of boundaries. As the Argo II is arriving at Camp Jupiter in the chapter, there is no way they could have already ran into him. That being said, the phrase should not be anything major.

The next quote I want to share is the following: "Piper paced back and forth behind the main mast, practicing her lines. “Lower your weapons,” she murmured, “we just want to talk.” "

Why do I think this is important? Because Piper is going to be using charmspeak against the Romans, which is not something they are going to appreciate. It will also make them vary the Greeks even more at first. Again, nothing major, but something to expect (in the second chapter or so).

The rest of the important moments of the chapter mostly concern Annabeth.

Let's begin with the most important hints. I think that Khione has obviously been messing with Annabeth. Take a look at the following quotes: "Even that mysterious chill that she’d [Annabeth] been feeling since the ship launched seemed to have dissipated." "Then she felt it again, that familiar shiver, as if an evil snowman had crept up right behind her and was breathing down her neck." "The cold pressed closer. She thought she heard a voice in the wind, laughing."

It is pretty obvious that Khione is messing with Annabeth just the way she did with Zeus. As Annabeth's weaknesses can easily be used against her (notably her hubris), this is most likely why Hera said that Annabeth would be the most troublesome person during the quest: Khione could be, in the lack of a better word, 'manipulating' her. Also, remember the incomplete prophecy Ella recited in The Son of Neptune, it definitely has to have something to do with this.

Next I want to talk about the apparent argument there has been between Annabeth and her mother, Athena. As Athena helped Percy and Annabeth numerous times in the first series, it is certainly a loss to the heroes. To have a goddess on one's side is always a plus. Also, the argument could somehow affect Annabeth later on. As she doesn't have much of a family, she feels a certain closeness to Athena.

The last thing I want to cover is Annabeth's role in the series. Again, I want to precise, Annabeth is, as of now, not one of the seven heroes of the prophecy. It is hinted that she will be playing a considerable role in the series, but that is it.

Thanks for bearing with me throughout this blog. Feel free to leave your opinions, comments, and ideas in the comments below.

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