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    God's appearances

    December 22, 2011 by ICame2Play

    Okay so I really like how Rick Riordan is putting the gods into the modern age and incorporating their style into today's standards. This shows in their usual appearances. I just wish he'd be a little more creative with some of the others. So far:

    Zeus- CEO/ Business executive

    Poseidon- beach tourist/ pro fisher

    Ares- tough biker

    Hephaestus- mechanic

    Aphrodite- beauty queen

    Hermes- mailman/ messenger

    Hades- Subverted. In the book he wears black robes, while the other gods are more customized. In the movie the other gods wear Greek battle attire while he wears a Rock n' Roll outfit.

    So there. I can't exactly describe Dionysus's appearance, but it seems to be that constant tiger- skin hawaiian shirt and rubber shoes. Also, you'll probably notice th…

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