Okay so I really like how Rick Riordan is putting the gods into the modern age and incorporating their style into today's standards. This shows in their usual appearances. I just wish he'd be a little more creative with some of the others. So far:

Zeus- CEO/ Business executive

Poseidon- beach tourist/ pro fisher

Ares- tough biker

Hephaestus- mechanic

Aphrodite- beauty queen

Hermes- mailman/ messenger

Hades- Subverted. In the book he wears black robes, while the other gods are more customized. In the movie the other gods wear Greek battle attire while he wears a Rock n' Roll outfit.

So there. I can't exactly describe Dionysus's appearance, but it seems to be that constant tiger- skin hawaiian shirt and rubber shoes. Also, you'll probably notice that the ones above are mostly male gods. The female ones just mostly wear different dresses. I'd actually prefer it this way:

Hera- she can keep the multicolored dress, as being queen of the gods is her thing. Or look like a normal mom.

Athena- University professor (she was a tour guide in TTC though, but this fits in with her sphere more)

Artemis- Hunting/ camouflage suit (though she may already have this with her silver parka and pants)

Apollo- music star/ pop star/ male model (while keeping the iPod and Ray- Bans)

Demeter- gardener/ botanist

Yeah. I like that bit in SoN where Iris is shown as kind of a hippie/ psychedelic character, and in TLH where Aeolus is a weatherman. Nicely done. Hecate could be wearing a magician's outfit, Hypnos a sleeping robe/ pajamas, Nemesis some kind of assasin/ ninja, etc.

And also would you like to see official art of them? (And Thalia? and the other major characters?)