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  • I was a brain child

    I ABSOULUTLY HATE THAT BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Midas can turn barf to gold, Robert Venditti turned gold to barf! Attila Futaki made Luke look 80! the only thing that follwed the story was the coloring, done by Jose Villarrubia, and even that barly followed the story, Chiron was supposd to be white, but he was colored brown, and Percy's BRONZE sword was colored blue! If I didn't know what to expect ( I talking not even watching the movie) it might be OK, but not even The Film Makers, cut out Medusa! No Waterland and worst of all Chiron told Percy Luke left when he reterned the bolt, I liked the origanal when Percy got stung by a pit scorpian! At least Annabeth's hair was blond, not br…

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  • I was a brain child


    October 29, 2011 by I was a brain child

    We ALL know Percy's birthday is August 18th, but what about Annabeth? One of my friends think they heard somthing about December, another says they think they heard January, I think heard something about November, but what month is it? No one knows until Rick Riordan says it, but we can still guess right?

    I've done some research and I've came up with an idea, June 21, I know it's the summer solstice, but even more of a reason to not tell anyone, it doesn't seem as important to her as the solstice. My reasoning is, it's the last day of Gimini, which completely fists her, look,, gemini is perfect for her, and this seems to somewhat disceribe Peracabeth (Read the bottom paragraph fello…

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