We ALL know Percy's birthday is August 18th, but what about Annabeth? One of my friends think they heard somthing about December, another says they think they heard January, I think heard something about November, but what month is it? No one knows until Rick Riordan says it, but we can still guess right?

I've done some research and I've came up with an idea, June 21, I know it's the summer solstice, but even more of a reason to not tell anyone, it doesn't seem as important to her as the solstice. My reasoning is, it's the last day of Gimini, which completely fists her, look,, gemini is perfect for her, and this seems to somewhat disceribe Peracabeth (Read the bottom paragraph fellow Percabeth fans!),, oh yea, forgot to mention Percy's a Leo,, so I guess one thing that might be weird about that, is the fact Annabeth would be exactly 58 days older than Percy, which I guess wouldn't be that weird.

So if anyone has geusses, ideas, thoughts, think I'm right, think I'm wrong, find anything in the books, I want to know!!