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  • IceFireWarden0

    Hey everyone. It's Warden here. We all know that Rick Riordan is planning to make a series about Norse Mythology soon (he is probably working on it right now, since he has finished the Kane Chronicles). So this is just about things he will include in the series, along with a possible storyline. Enjoy, and please leave comments.

    Of course, it wouldn't be a Rick Riordan book if there weren't any gods in it. The main/important gods in Norse Mythology are Odin, Thor, and Freya, so we can truly expect to see them. Other gods and goddesses we may see our Loki, Balder, Heimdall, Hel, Sif, and Idun. Would be curious to see what they look like (especially Heimdall, since his teeth are made out of pure gold.

    Well, of course the main protagonists of th…

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  • IceFireWarden0

    Hey everyone, IceFireWarden14 here. But you can call me Ice, Warden, or Supreme Commander of Awesomeness Forever Man. Well, I've been wondering about all of the different characters from the PJO/HoO/KC series that we don't really know about and stories/adventures we have heard them mentioned but not elaborate on. So this is the official Rick Riordan Possible Miniseries blog, where we shall discuss the possibilities of different miniseries about characters in RR's books we don't really know about.

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  • IceFireWarden0

    What are your ideas on the Mark of Athena? I know somepeople will probably get upset with this, but I still belive that Hera is going to have a kid and she/he is the seventh demigod. And who says it has to be like genetically her kid. It could be a orphan she snatches up (thanks BullyFan) and gives her blessing. But what about you guys?

    Oh yah, it is also a fact that in the original Greek Myths Athena was supposed to be born with a twin brother who was supposed to overthrow olympus. Maybe he's Athena's bane, explaining the Mark of Athena.

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