Hey everyone. It's Warden here. We all know that Rick Riordan is planning to make a series about Norse Mythology soon (he is probably working on it right now, since he has finished the Kane Chronicles). So this is just about things he will include in the series, along with a possible storyline. Enjoy, and please leave comments.

The Gods of Asgard

Of course, it wouldn't be a Rick Riordan book if there weren't any gods in it. The main/important gods in Norse Mythology are Odin, Thor, and Freya, so we can truly expect to see them. Other gods and goddesses we may see our Loki, Balder, Heimdall, Hel, Sif, and Idun. Would be curious to see what they look like (especially Heimdall, since his teeth are made out of pure gold.

Vikings Are Heroes

Well, of course the main protagonists of the series must belong to some sort of magical organization that defends the world. Well, who better than Vikings? Ancient Vikings were Explorers, Traders, and Conquerors who loved to sail the world, so I think that the "Young" Vikings in Rick's series are going to love exploring new places and traveling on quests. Due to their cultural ties to Scandinavia, Iceland, and Normandy, they will probably be naturally aligned to cold weather, along with rain, snow, and ice being almost comfortable.

Also, I can totally picture the attire of the Young Vikings being really cool looking leather jackets with fur collars, and black jeans. I don't know why, but that's the image that comes to mind when I picture them (it also goes great with my next point).

Location Of Viking Camp

I've been thinking about this for a longtime, and I believe that the Norse Gods are living in Alaska. This is due the fact that in The Son of Neptune Alaska is referred to the Land Beyond The Gods. Back in ancient times, Greeks, Romans and Egyptians never ventured towards Normandy (or any other Viking area) much. Alaska is also the farthest Northern point in the States (Nordic people stayed in the North). Also, it's cold there.

But I could be wrong. The Camp may be located in Normandy, such as the House of Life being centrally located in Egypt.

How The Viking Camp Operates


Magical And Unmagical Transportation

Runestones could be used for magical transportation. Back in the old days, Viking used to inscribe symbols onto rocks and statues wherever they went. It would be cool to see the Young Vikings using them to travel to different places over the world.

Of course, ships will be in them. If there is one thing about Vikings I know about, they loved their longboats. Expect to see a lot of seafaring in the series.

The Nine Realms

In Norse Mythology, there were Nine Realms that made up the planes of existence (Asgard, Midgard, etc.). I can already tell our brave group of Vikings will be exploring the many realms, which will be pretty cool.

Monsters And Magical Creatures

There aren't that many monsters in Norse Mythology. However, there is the Midgard Serpent Jormungand and his wolf brother Fenrir, and the enormous dragon guarding Hel's realm Nidhurg. However, there also friendly races such as the Light Elves, Dark Elves, Jotun (Giants), and the Valkyries (I want to meet Valkyries!).


Each of Rick Riordan's books revolve around some dark force emerging to destroy civilization as we know it. In Norse Mythology, this event actually had a name: Ragnarok. Ragnarok is the end cycle, where all of Norse Mythology will be destroyed. I have a gut instinct this is going to be in the Norse Series.

Possible Connections To PJO, HoO, and KC

Connections between Nordic, Greek, Roman, and Egyptian history that might turn up.

  • Greece: In the year 1010 Vikings warned Greeks on the island of Crete to surrender to them. The Cretens decided to not surrender and the two groups went to war. However Byzantine ships arrived from Constantinopole to help. As the Greeks were defending the island in the south, the ships hit the enemies from the north. After their big defeat, the Nordic men only had about 1000-1300 left alone in the Aegean Sea, which was far away from Italy (where the Vikings last populations were).Their last decesion was to attack Pelopomesse where they lost again. They finally decided to live in South Euboea until they eventually died out in 1440 due to the plague that had just started in Europe.
  • Rome: Vikings made it into the Roman Empire at Constantinople and served as mercenaries for the Roman Empire. Inside the Hagia Sophia in Constantinople, there is a scratching on a bannister that say "Halfdan was here." There are several other Runic inscriptions in Constantinople.
  • Egypt: The Ancient Egyptian Inscriptions and papyrus texts (1220 BC) tell of the invasions of the North Sea People. On the walls of the ancient temple, you can see the hordes of the North in battle with Ramses Sherdan Mercenaries. It depicts the first great battle on salt water. When you study the reliefs, you will see that the armour, clothing, weapons and equipment are those of the Northern People


Well I'm done. I hope you guys enjoy, and leave comments! >.< I'm going on Spring Break, so I'll be gone for a week. Have a pleasent time, your friend and expert blog maker IFW14~Crap Happens To Everyone, Deal With It. PeopleThink They're Cooler Than You? Change It.Live And Let Live 21:18, March 14, 2013 (UTC)