• Iluvpercy

    The heroes of olympus

    November 18, 2011 by Iluvpercy

    After finishing the SON two months before some questions popped into my head.

    LIke won't there be some conflict if Jason and percy have to go on the same quest together?!

    Isn't there high evidence that the seventh demigod is Percy, or will he use some random athena kid?! He'll make us think it is annabeth, and then boom when we read it, it's totally different.

    Does anyone have any good evidence why Jason or piper are actually good characters in the series?! Cause if you do i'll like to hear them.

    Has Piper done anything Heroic?!

    Anyone else notice how Jason's name was mentioned like twice in the book, while Percy was mentioned about twenty times in the lost hero?!

    Is anyone hoping annabeth is the seventh?!

    And who do you think would make a better…

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