So I was re-watching the lightning thief as a way to pass the time at work when I had an idea.

The idea can be wonderful or horrible, but that is for you all to decide.

I am thinking that we could, possibly, create our own, semi-roleplaying, game here using characters that we ourselves create.

We would have certain moderators who would deal with lore characters - Chiron, Percy, Annabeth, Jason, etc - or with guiding the quests or guiding capture the flag and things like that.

Rules would be relatively simple, I think.

  1. Original characters only
    We would have a page for players to describe their characters, starting with a 'reach the camp' quest in which an existing player (or a moderator guiding preset characters) would guide the new camper to camp
  2. no changing set lore
    Our events take place between books, we cannot have our characters running around in the same places and times Riordan has his characters running around. If Riordan set a location to be a certain way, we cannot change the location (i.e. add to camp in ways that are not currently stated)
  3. Moderator approval
    Any magical items, Godly interference, new location, or non-player character must have a reasonable (within the bounds created by Riordan in his books or the moderators for this game) limits. They must be presented to the moderators with a backstory as to the reason for its existance or why the character has it.
  4. Limited Panthions
    If this game gets off the ground we should limit what kind of characters there could be. Riordan has already confirmed (per se) that there are Greek and Roman Demigods, as well as Egyptian Magicians. Your character, in this game, must be from one of these three groups or, you must provide a logical reason why this character should be part of the game (i.e. Norse gods have a preset group of beliefs and locations that could, possibly, be their own pantheon and not just another interpretation of Roman or Egyptian Gods as Riordan implied other beliefs could be)

If you like the idea, don't like the idea, and/or think more should be added, please let me know which and why.