So I like badges as much as the next person, one of the leading reasons for me getting the Xbox 360 was because of the achievement points that went along with stuff.

What I don't think is good, and don't appreciate, is that people seem to be editing things just for the sake of getting badges. This website, as I see it, is not just for getting badges. It is for us to satisfy our need of all things PJO until the next book in the series comes out, to share our thoughts and ideas with like minded individuals and to have a grand ol'time doing it. It is not to screw around and make people think you have something constructive to say, and have that turn out you just messed with things that should not be messed with just so you can get a badge that says you contribute.

If you don't have anything constructive to put in, or hard facts backed up where others can verify them (such as if Percy IS the Son of Neptune, because we all think he is, but we do not know for sure). If you want to state your opinions or have discussions, that is what the blogs or talk pages are for.