So I was sitting in my bio class today and suddenly had a strange idea: What if certain aspects of the gods that they pass on to their kids is attatched to genes. Now, first of all, all those who start yelling at their computer screens when they see this, stop. I know that the gods don't have genes, per se, but they do have to develop something like genes when it comes to making the children. No human alive has only 23 chromosomes. We all have 46, or 23 pairs.

Here is what I was thinking.

Based upon what we know, not all children of the gods have the same abilities (Case in point Leo vs other Hephaestus campers). We also have seen, through various methods, that all abilities of a Demigod exist from birth, they might not use it until they are older, but they have them. Using this theory I started to make a few guesses. Note: These are guesses, seeing as we cannot actually test these theories in the least, these are also from pure observation. You can agree or disagree as you like.

Children of Athena: Annabeth and all her siblings are described as having Grey eyes, so I theorize that the wisdom thing that she(Athena) passes on to her kids must be attatched to that specific feature.

Children of Zeus: For this we only have the Grace children to observe, and what I have noticed is this - Both can use lightning and both have electric blue eyes, so those bits appear to be connected. The hair color, as far as is shown, appears to be the determinant of powers over the air.

Children of Hepheastus: The only thing that I could find that seperates Leo from his siblings is the pointy-ish ears, I guess that is what gives him the fire powers (Pun intended).

Children of Aphrodite: Both Drew and Piper, who we know can Charmspeak, have brown hair, Drew has brown eyes also, and Piper (who's eye colors change alot) has had her eyes described as brown as well. It is believed that Silena also could charmspeak (I think it was mentioend but I don't remember where exactly) but she appears to have a different ability so I cannot give any observations about that.

So, what do you think?