So I was wondering, if there was another Percy Jackson game to be made, how would you guys like it to end up?

I have a few ideas about this.

Idea 1: We experience the first set of books as either Percy or Annabeth. Advantages: We get to see the story take place and experience it as one of the main protagonists. They could also add some DLC or something that would allow us to experience the side stories that happen between books. Disadvantages: They may change it to fit the movie instead of the book, or use the comic book as a base, or use the book as a base but edit some things to make it closer to the movie (for example they leave out the tricking of Ares or the hints of the existence of Kronos.

Idea 2: We experience the first set of books with Percy and Annabeth as a new Half blood that we ourselves design. Advantages: We see the story as our own character, allowing us to experience it as if we ourselves our there. We can design our own hero, and possibly choose our own cabin (either during the character creation or through some challenges once were in camp half blood - sword fighting, archery stuff, etc). This also allows you to experience other possible adventures in the time that could be between stories. Disadvantages: The addition of a new hero to tag along would require some adaptation of the story - four hero’s instead of three on a quest, possibly changing the prophecies to fit the addition of your character, and adding a challenge so that no matter what Godly parent you have, there will still be a challenge for you in the game.

Idea 3: We experience Jasons story. Advantage: It would be very difficult to screw this over, seeing as we have not been told his story in the Roman Demigod camp. We can see whats happened to him in this Roman camp, as well as see the Roman camp itself and experience some of the Roman stories. All we know about Jason so far is he killed a sea monster with the help (at some part of this quest) of Boreas (its either him or Aeolus, I am sorry but I don’t have the book on me to look it up at this moment) and we know that he lead the charge and defeated a Titan during the Second Titan War. Disadvantage: If Rick Riordan does not provide assistance with the scripting of this game it could, and most likely will, fall flat - especially with the possible reveals that he will have in the future books of the Heroes of Olympus series.

What do you all think?