So by now most, if not all, who frequent this sight have probably finished "The Son Of Neptune" and knows what goes on in there. For those who havent, this will not be spoilerific, but it may have some things you havent heard about yet.

With the introduction of a city for Demigods and their decendants where they can live without the fear of monsters knocking on their door every other minute to be shikebobed or have shikebob themselves we see a possible future for our Heroes that, frankly, didnt seem to be possible before. New Rome is a place that, once time is done in camp, a Hero can retire... go to school...have a life after monster hunting. We saw in Percy's head the possibilities he invisioned for himself and Annabeth that he didnt really think they had before.

As the Romans and Greeks come face to face, and the Greeks see what the Romans have done in the form of this new city, what do you think the Greek campers will do? Will it be like Percy imagined and they share the city? Or will there continue to be a location difference between Greek and Roman Demigods and will the Greeks build their own city somewhere near Camp Half-Blood (or something to that effect).