So, I was thinking about the Percy Jackson movie, and how they missed alot of things that could, potentially, ruin the series if they don't fix it in the upcoming "Sea of Monsters" movie.

I got to thinking. I know it is nearly impossible to accurately transfer a book to movie, there is far too much information a book can portray that the movie cant. So, as that is the case, what do you think are the NECESSARY things the movie's should portray for continuity and keeping with the book and such?

Here are some things I think should always stay.

  1. The Great Prophecy
  2. An episodic enemy (like what they did with Luke, I think they were right in not mentioning kronos in the first movie because he isn't the immediate villan, which means that those who don't know the original story will get upset about the unknown character).
  3. The original characters and camp design (I understand why they did what they did for aging the characters, I don't mind that part. I also understand why no Clarisse in the first one, what I don't get, and don't like, is how they changed they layout of the camp)
  4. Keep things closer to the original storyline

What other things that HAVE to be kept in do you guys think? or what could be taken out and still keep it as Percy Jackson (Book name here) instead of an interpretation of the books we all know and love?