...don't know if this has been asked yet...

But anyways, another inconsistency from the book which really irked me and I felt it needed to be pointed out -- what's with Hazel's birthday? Consider this: from page 69, it says that her thirteenth and most recent birthday falls on December 17, 1941. Then, she was rescued by Nico from the underworld, which was before Jason left but after the Titan War (I forgot which page, but she described that she arrived to Camp Jupiter after the Titan war, yet she knew Jason) -- this places the date of her arrival at probably somewhere between August 18th, 2009 and October 2009. But if the Son of Neptune takes place in June 2010... then Hazel must have passed December 17th, 2009 as well, which would have been her fourteenth birthday.

Sorry, the inconsistencies had been bothering me. Even if Jason would have been kidnapped on the morning of December 17th, since that was the day he arrived at Camp Half Blood -- Hazel would still have arrived somewhere before December 17th. And consider that she had also spent a fair amount of time in Alaska -- approximately six months, I think, she really would been fourteen by the time the Son of Neptune happens, probably. Although Rick Riordan never stated out right that she was thirteen, I think, I kind of felt like that was what he was wanting us to believe, I think. I don't know. I hope somebody will get what I'm saying.