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  • Killerninja123

    Dream meanings

    December 19, 2011 by Killerninja123

    Okay I've got a lot of wierd phycotic dreams this weekend before the sotlice. I think it's a demigod dreams, but I'm not sure

    1). I got a dream I saw my carnation being reincarnated to me.

    2). I found myself being a demigod and had to go on a quest with Nico.

    3). I saw Greek monsters trying to kill me.


    4). This last dream was Nico...kissing me passionatly.

    Now that last part was wierd! Very wierd. I don't know what all of these mean. If your an expert on dreams tell me! By the way, the last part on #4 of the dream kept on repeating itself over and over and over. I thinkAphrodite is messing with my mind!

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  • Killerninja123

    The Mark of Athena

    December 14, 2011 by Killerninja123

    Predictions for the Mark of Athena. What do you think what would happen in the book? All opinions welcome.

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  • Killerninja123

    Okay this actaully happened today. My friend shouted 'Zeus your crazy!' many times and then he said. 'Hera I'm the son of Zeus!' Then we saw clouds forming in the mountians. The clouds were forming very slowly, but we felt wind coming his way. We thought he was either going to get blasted by Zeus either today or tomorrow. So we took one step back just in case we get hit by lighting. So what do you think what's going to happen to him tommorow? Would Zeus still be angery at him? I mean he told him that he's crazy like 5 or 6 time and told Hera he was the son of Zeus 2 times?

    Then the next day he kept on saying it, but differently. He said. "Zeus your a nut head!" Then to 'Hera you're phyicotic!" Then. 'Poseidon your an idiot!'

    Then more clouds…

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  • Killerninja123

    Okay, I will admit that I'm a Nico fan, but I have a "tiny" little questions.

    1).What would happen to Nico in the doors of death?

    2).What if Rick Riordan makes him dead??!!!!!

    3).What would happen if he dies?! :(

    4). How would everyone feels about it?

    5). Do we want another di Angelo dead? He already killed Bianca!!

    If Rick Riordan kills Nico, I'll find Rick Riordan and beat him up until he finds a way to get Nico back to life!!!!!

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    Real or just a myth?

    December 13, 2011 by Killerninja123

    Okay here's the question. I was watching the Clash of the Gods. They were talking about Hercules. It says that Hercules might be a real person. So, what I'm saying is: If they say Herclues might be real person, then does that means the Greek and Roman Gods are real or just a myth?

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